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Will Crook, CPA


WillCrookHeadshotI am a CPA licensed in North Carolina and am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (certificate 27123) and the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Since 2003, I have served numerous business and individual clients with their accounting and tax needs, including full contract controllership service.

In 2012 I have expanded the firm’s outsourced accounting offerings utilizing cutting edge cloud-based technologies.  These tools enable business owners unprecedented opportunities to streamline and maximize the accounting and finance function. We are really excited about these Cloud tools and what they can bring to our clients.

Prior to starting Will Crook CPA PA (back when I had hair), I worked with Crisp Hughes Evans, LLP in Asheville, NC (now Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP) as a Senior Auditor, serving clients in health care, government, manufacturing, banking and service industries.

All this bean counting started in Miami, FL in 1998 with Arthur Andersen, LLP.  As a Senior Tax Associate, I was responsible for federal and state income tax planning & compliance, and was a team member in a specialized state and local tax consulting unit.  We specialized in multistate taxation, including large scale corporate restructuring projects, sales and use tax planning, real and tangible personal property tax/transfer tax planning, captive insurance and reinsurance tax planning, and state tax audit defenses. It was very cool work (but I had to escape Miami . . .).


Bean counting is a second career, of sorts, for me.  I graduated from the University of Florida in 1988 with a history degree and accepted a commission as a wet-behind-the-ears Ensign serving aboard a Navy frigate out of San Diego, CA. Four years of that was enough fun, though I stayed active in the Reserves for a number of years.  I am currently (and hopefully permanently) ‘inactive’ and hold the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

After the Navy, I spent time figuring out what to do next.  This included a two-year sailing trip aboard a 38-ft steel rustbucket of a sailboat from Florida, through the Panama Canal all the way to Thailand.

My wedding to a lovely bride Anne brought me home and back to school at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at UNC Chapel Hill, where I earned a Masters of Accountancy degree in 1998. Being a Gator and a Tar Heel afforded me the best world of band-wagon jumping possible when it comes to rooting during football and basketball season. Go Gators and Heels!


Besides helping raise a family of two over-scheduled bright beautiful kids, I build the occasional chicken coop, weed whack and do whatever other manual labor Anne can get out of me on her farm. I enjoy embarrassing my teenage kids whenever possible in front of their friends and I try to keep my lovely wife entertained.

Oh, and did I mention that I built an airplane . . .?

IdahoYes, I am a total aviation nut.  And yes, I built my airplane (no Elmer’s Glue, I promise).  It took me eight years and I have been flying it all over the place over the last four years.  That machine has taken us pretty much all over the US.  I am trying to fulfill Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve been everywhere.”

I fly to Florida on business quarterly, to the Bahamas every chance I get, to  the center of the known universe every July (Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the big airshow), Louisiana, Vermont, Colorado, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, the entire Southeast, and my favorite, Idaho.  There are over 120 US Forest Service backcounty grass and gravel strips in and amongst the 50+ over 10,000 ft peaks of Idaho’s wilderness. Yeah…. I am a little obsessed.

In the past I’ve flown rescued dogs between shelters and hope to fly more soon (neat organization, Paws-n-Pilots).  I’d also like to fly “Angel” flights soon. These flights fly patients that need care beyond the area in which they live to facilities that can provide that care and treatment – all for free. It is a great charity – take a look at their website.

Do you like my story?  I hope so – I do.  I am a happy professional that gets things done and treats people right.

I can help your business!