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Minimize Tax & Avoid Surprises


Your job is to succeed and make money. Our job is to help you make (and save) more money by making your accounting and tax planning efficient.

No enjoys paying taxes.

That said, we enjoy being free, driving on the interstates, and love our National Parks. Productive people in society like you and me pay taxes.

THE GOAL: Keep as much of your money in your pocket & know what’s coming due when.

Secondary Goal: Sleep OK at night.

We have the knowledge, experience and commitment to work hard to legally avoid or minimize taxes.


We do not participate or help you in evading tax by falsifying information on tax returns. THAT IS ILLEGAL.  The red line is thin – but VERY  important.


BLUNT MESSAGE: If you are that client that is looking for an adviser that will bend the rules and then some, we really aren’t for you.   Sorry.